Time Flies when you're having fun…

August 10, 2019

Another week has already passed. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly time passes now. I try to slow it down, but I can faintly hear it laugh as it passes at an ever-increasing speed. I try not to focus on the small bumps in the road and to keep my mind on the big picture, the life journey and everyone who has joined my adventure.

They say that time flies when you are having fun…but it also flies when you are just plain busy. I look around me and can create a mental list of many things I need to do today. A little tidying up around the house, general housecleaning that just can’t get done with long work days and commuting, preparing for the imminent start of the school year and a trip to France and Morocco that is closing in on me quickly. 

If I merely look at the past year, I see so much positive change:

  • I started a new job, with new responsibilities and accountability. It has been scary, challenging and an incredible learning experience. The stress has been well worth all the benefits of a new career path with an incredible organization. 
  • I have seen the end of Elementary and Middle school in my home. I have four smart, well-adjusted, happy and successful children. They amaze me every day and I am so incredibly proud of the young adults that they are becoming. I see them doing amazing things in the future and truly being productive and amazing influences in the world.
  • God help me…I have another driver in the house! Exciting for him and stressful for me. I love the independence that he will now have but his mom is going to worry about his safety every time he leaves my driveway. He is a smart kid though and I know he will continue to make the smart decisions that he always makes. Three down…one to go!
  • My oldest just moved into a new college apartment with some friends. They are an incredible group of young adults with good heads on their shoulders. I am so proud of the organization, planning, budgeting and preparation that she has done to prepare for this move. She organized everything and made it happen. A truly amazing young woman with a big heart. She makes me so proud every single day.
  • Mon amore…how is it possible that it has been five months already? I cannot remember my life without him and look forward to so many more adventures in the future. The countdown continues for our trip overseas…I am so excited and absolutely petrified all at the same time. Two weeks of travel and quality time together. It is exactly what we need. Two weeks to focus on us, our relationship, his family our future and just enjoying life…no work, errands, yardwork and everyday stressors. I am so excited to meet his family and friends while we are there and to see the places he remembers fondly as a child and young adult. I will be truly dependent on him to guide me through the many language barriers and to navigate the cultural customs of the places we will visit. I am learning French as quickly as I can so I can communicate with his family and trying to learn about the customs of both countries so I can visit confidently and show everyone the respect they deserve. I am so appreciative of this opportunity and truly cannot wait to begin this journey! He takes wonderful care of me, shows me his love and guidance daily and I feel thankful every day that he has found me.

Time really does fly when you’re having fun! I have learned to join in the laughter as I hear time and its’ whispered laugh in my ear as it passes. It used to scare me…it passed so slow as a child and then picked up speed as the years went by. Life is an adventure though…a great learning experience that is meant to be enjoyed and not wasted. There are lots of twists and turns…it’s like being in a choose your own adventure book. Go to page 38 if you choose to board the plane…or continue reading on the next page if you are afraid to take a chance and want to take the easy road. Sure, you will survive life as you complain about life’s difficulties but without putting in the effort to leave your comfort zone you will never be truly happy. I have made tough decisions; I am stronger and happier because of each of them. I am choosing to board the plane. I have chosen my adventure and am fortunate to have the most amazing people to share the journey with…it is time to start packing my bags and preparing for page 38!

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